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Laser Deinking and Mole Removal

Problems that Laser can solve:

1) Deinking, Mole Removal

2) Pigmentation, Freckles, Sun Spots, Ota Spots (Zygomatic Nevus), Chloasma

3) Eyebrow Washing, Tattoo Washing

4) Microfilament Blood Vessels, Rose Red Seal

5) Firming and Lifting, Removing Wrinkles, and Reducing Pores

6) Acne Scars, Bump Holes, Blackheads, Grease Particles

7) Hair Removal

Laser is a kind of high-energy monochromatic light beam, which damages skin tissues such as hair follicles, blood vessels and pigment bodies by irradiating the skin, thereby improving skin quality, removing spots, removing pigments and wrinkles.

Different wavelengths and different energy lasers can improve different problems

Firming Lift/Wrinkles

The flying spot laser accurately scans the dermis to stimulate collagen and promote collagen growth, thereby diminishing wrinkles, firming, scarring and improving skin texture.

Laser whitening and spot removal/brow washing/tattoo removal

Laser (694nm)/(1064nm) light waves emit specific wavelengths to selectively absorb or intoxicate the pigment targets on the skin, and then through the skin's self-renewal function, so as to remove the pigment and remove the tattoo.

Laser Deinking and Mole Removal

The carbon dioxide laser light wave has a high-energy output, which can penetrate either the epidermis or the dermis, so it can effectively block and disperse the accumulation of melanocytes to achieve no trace deinking and mole removal.

Acne / Scars / Bumps / Grease Particles

The double-layer beam laser transmits two layers of high and low energy laser beams at the same time through the patented translucent film. The high-energy laser beam can reach the dermis to rearrange the collagen. Another low-energy laser beam can stimulate the proliferation of collagen, so as to solve the problems of acne scars, bumps, looseness, and enlarged pores.

Laser Hair Removal

The laser (755nm) and (1064nm) light waves are absorbed by the melanin in the hair based on the principle of selective photothermal effect and generate high heat instantly. The heat of the laser then destroys the hair follicle tissue, making the hair unable to regenerate.


Spots and moles on the body must be diagnosed by a doctor and confirmed that they will not evolve into tumors or not be related to other underlying diseases before they can be treated with laser cosmetic treatment. Before receiving treatment, you should understand the procedure, suitability for treatment, potential side effects, sequelae and recovery period.


Problems that SCULPTRA can solve:

Perfect and flawless, everyone wants "beauty" to be born with it, and it will not change throughout life, can it?!

SCULPTRA-Collagen regenerates beautiful skin, so that "beauty" can be born naturally without knowing it, so that you can have the most desired natural contour, the most true, and the most deep layer of you. Natural beauty.

The new generation of products can promote the deep self-generation of collagen in the skin and stimulate the proliferation of collagen in designated areas of the skin. It not only reduces the appearance of eye-catching pits and wrinkles on the face, but also gradually changes the contours as you want to regain the fullness of the skin. Give you natural beauty for up to 2 years.


Gradually and naturally, reappearing youthful tightening appearance. The effect lasted for more than 3 years, honoring the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification.

THERMAGE® Third Generation

In the absence of any trauma, Thermage can stimulate the body's natural skin regeneration process by means of deep heating, helping to firm up existing collagen and form new collagen, and improve the state of loose skin.


Only a single non-invasive treatment can achieve skin firmness, facial contour refinement and subcutaneous collagen regeneration. Thermage firming effect can be maintained for up to 1-2 years, and there is almost no need for a recovery period.

Treatment Effect:

Tighten eye masks, smooth wrinkles (eye lines, tiger lines), tighten drooping eyelids, improve facial contours, and tighten loose necks.



Problems that BOTOX can solve:

1) Wrinkles (Crow's Feet / Forehead Lines / Frown Lines Between Eyebrows / Mouth Lines / Expression Lines)

2) Thin Face/Face Modification

3) Tighten/Improve Lines

4) Antiperspirant

BOTOX---Botulinum Toxin Type A (also known as B.T.A.) is a natural and purified protein. From a medical point of view, it has been used in humans more than ten years ago to inhibit related parts, such as the nervous system. Reduce muscle contraction. In this way, the muscles can relax and smooth the skin.

Wrinkles can be divided into "dynamic lines" and "static lines". The former are wrinkles caused by facial expression muscles. Such as crow's feet, wrinkles between eyebrows, forehead lines, etc. The latter are wrinkles that can be seen without facial expressions, such as tiger stripes.

The B.T.A---BOTOX used in this center is strictly supervised by GMP pharmaceutical factories, has been registered with the Hong Kong Department of Health, and has been widely used in Europe and South Korea.

RF Skin Rejuvenation

RF Principle:

The principle of radio frequency (RF) used in this center is to bring current through the skin to produce a resistance effect. The resistance effect heats the real skin of the skin, causing the collagen to change its structure and shrink, and the skin will immediately have a tightening effect.

After about 1 week, the contracted collagen will be slowly absorbed by the body, and the newly added collagen will be more elastic and increase.

Therefore, it can smooth wrinkles, firm skin and eliminate cellulite lines.

For The Problem:

1) Lightening: Forehead Lines, Eye Lines, Crow's Feet, Tiger Lines, Neck Lines, Stretch Marks

2) Lifting: Eyebrows, Cheek Contours, Breasts, Buttocks

3) Tighten: Eye Bags, Double Chin, Arm Meat, Belly, Calf

4) Narrowing: Corner Literal, Waist Meat

5) Others: Blood Circulation, Lymphatic

Stretch Mark Treatment

Problems that Stretch Marks Treatment can solve:

1) Postpartum Stretch Marks

2) Orange Peel Pattern (Commonly Known As Fat Pattern)

Stretch mark treatment uses a specific laser to liquefy fat, stimulate collagen proliferation, repair damaged collagen, increase blood circulation and improve the metabolism of the treated area.


Stretch mark laser is a milder treatment, there is no damage after treatment, no redness, swelling and pain.

Medical Peeling

Problems that Medical Peeling can solve:

1) Balance Skin Tone

2) Large Pores

3) Aging Skin

4) Wrinkle

Medical peeling uses a new formula of high concentration and high safety and stability, which can effectively decompose epidermal cell bonds.

Penetrating into the epidermis can instantly improve and remove the aging keratin in the outer layer of the skin, and promote metabolism.

Penetrating into the dermis can stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastin, which will gradually thicken and renew the dermis.


After medical peeling, moisturize and prevent sun exposure.

Micropoint Radiofrequency Needle Activation

Use the latest micro-point radiofrequency acupuncture technology to treat skin problems, induce protein deterioration and selectively heat deep skin tissues without harming the epidermis. The generated RF heat energy penetrates into the deep layers of different skins, creating rows of microtrauma openings and generating deep heat energy. In the entire treatment site, 10-20% of the skin is minimally invasive and accelerates the natural healing of the wound and induces intracellular growth factors. A number of studies and clinics have proved that it provides a safe course of treatment with no side effects, and has a significant effect, which can improve the skin in a short time.

Scope of application: eyes, face, forehead, neck, tiger stripes, concave scars, acne bumps, stretch marks, etc.

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