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Long Pulse Laser

  • Permanent hair removal anywhere on the body
  • Skin rejuvenation and skin tightening
  • Can be used for any skin color and any hair color, very safe and effective
  • Rapid repetition rate and coverage of large areas quickly treat large areas
  • The unique cooling head design can lower the temperature by 0-4℃ to ensure comfortable, painless, safe and no side effects



LASER SPECTRA can effectively remove the pigmented lesions of the epidermis and dermis, such as acne marks, sun spots, moles, freckles, hormonal spots, etc... It also effectively removes tattoos without harming the surrounding healthy cells. Stimulate skin cell regeneration. Reduce pores, acne, control sebum production, reduce inflamed acne redness, and painless. (SPECTRA LASER is the world's first FDA-certified laser to effectively remove stubborn hormone pigments)

Laser Hair Removal

Problems that LASER HAIR REMOVAL can solve:

1) Hair Removal

2) Hair Follicles

Laser is a kind of high-energy monochromatic light beam, which damages skin tissues such as hair follicles, blood vessels and pigment bodies by irradiating the skin, thereby improving skin quality, removing spots, removing pigments and wrinkles.

Laser Hair Removal:

The laser (755nm) and (1064nm) light waves are absorbed by the melanin in the hair based on the principle of selective photothermal effect and generate high heat instantly. The heat of the laser then destroys the hair follicle tissue, making the hair unable to regenerate.


Before receiving treatment, you should understand the procedure, suitability for treatment, potential side effects, sequelae and recovery period.

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